Esp8266 Thermostat

Aerie - An open source ESP8266/Arduino based thermostat There are many examples of creating a thermostat for ESP8266. I hope this project will be able to utilize the efforts of everyone into one great project using all the best practices available. Source code available at: Please, create issues if you feel there is something to add, or fork it and send in a PR! :) TODO: MQTT SPIFFS (for locally saving set points, configuration, and worse case scenarios in not being able to contact the MQTT) Refine the hysteresis Fix the WEBUI Notes:

espcomm_upload_mem Failed

If anyone has used an ESP8266 you may have come accross this error before: warning: espcomm_sync failed error: espcomm_open failed error: espcomm_upload_mem failed error: espcomm_upload_mem failed I’ve come to realize the problem here is of two things: The ESP is not in upload mode. There is not enough power to the ESP. Usually you upload code to the ESP and will try to upload again, but it is no longer in flash mode.