Aerie - An open source ESP8266/Arduino based thermostat

There are many examples of creating a thermostat for ESP8266. I hope this project will be able to utilize the efforts of everyone into one great project using all the best practices available.

Source code available at:

Please, create issues if you feel there is something to add, or fork it and send in a PR! :)


  • MQTT
  • SPIFFS (for locally saving set points, configuration, and worse case scenarios in not being able to contact the MQTT)
  • Refine the hysteresis
  • Fix the WEBUI


Compute Heat Index:

float computeHeatIndex(){
  return dht.computeHeatIndex(getTemp(), getHumidity());


  • coolOn
  • coolOff

Need If/Else conditional to change farenheit/celcius display

  • Should this affect the calculation or just the display? That is should we always use celcius for the thermostat logic, and only disiplay farenheit to the user?