Summary of Professional Experience

Pax8 Denver, CO 2018

DevOps Engineer

  • Updated Jenkins server with Cucumber, Selenium, and Chrome Headless driver resulting in faster test execution.
  • Identified and patched security vulnerabilities resulting in greater PCI and HIPPA compliance.
  • Updated Nagios and CloudWatch monitoring, resulting in greater visibility of application health and status.
  • Redesigned AWS VPN resulting in greater performance for developers.

Seagate Longmont, CO 2014-2017

Senior ClusterStor Test Engineer

  • Performed test qualification of ClusterStor G200 Spectrum Scale HPC resulting in product to market.
  • Performed test qualification of ClusterStor 9000 Lustre HPC resulting in a higher quality product.
  • Implemented in-house python automated tests to reduce test time, improve efficiency, and increase product stability.

FreeCast Orlando, FL 2014

DevOps Engineer

  • Designed autoscaling AWS infrastructure for Django application using OpsWorks, reducing operational costs.
  • Implemented version control using Git resulting in shorter deployment efforts to production.
  • Redesigned entire office network with WAN fail-over, and VoIP traffic shaping, decreasing downtime.

Symantec Heathrow, FL 2012-2014

Senior Linux Administrator

  • Designed and built redundant VMware vCloud for remote virtual training.
  • Led deployment of paperless training utilizing 400 iPads globally, reducing printing operations by 65 percent.
  • Developed a course scheduling system using Ruby on Rails, resulting in a 75% reduction in scheduling errors.
  • Redesigned hardware inventory control utilizing Zenoss SNMP discovery mechanism, reducing operational difficulties. Orlando, FL 2009-2011

Senior Linux Administrator

  • Developed public virtualization offering utilizing KVM, and ZFS.
  • Lead the implementation of security audits using OpenVAS and IDS using Snort.
  • Enhanced system environment monitoring using SNMP, Nagios, and Cacti reducing response time to failures.
  • Developed and supported custom iptables firewalls.

Bright House Networks Orlando, FL 2005-2007

Service Technician II

  • Directly involved in the Digital Transition Safety Act of 2005 facilitating the transition from analog to digital television for hundreds of customers.
  • Delivered emergency restoration services through Hurricane Charley Restoration Team.

Technical Skills

  • Operating Systems: Debian, Redhat based systems, Windows, OSX.
  • Virtualization/Clustering/Cloud: AWS, Openstack / Libvirt, KVM, Pacemaker
  • System monitoring: Prometheus, Zenoss, Cacti, statsd, Nagios (SNMP)
  • Control panels, and frameworks (plesk, cpanel, etc)
  • Networking: DNS, NFS, SSL, SNMP, DNS, Cisco IOS, OSI TCP/IP Networking CIDR/VLSM Subnetting
  • Programming Languages: Python, Ruby, bash/shell, markup languages including LaTeX, R, Markdown, HTML and CSS.
  • Security: RBAC,NIST,CIS/STIG
  • Apps: tmux, ssh, RStudio, GIMP, pandoc, Jupyter

Developing Skills

Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, Prometheus, Grafana


  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate License 3ZZR85VCJEVQQ1KN